Emerald Financial Companies
A Education and Entertainment Company

Our Vision

The vision of Emerald Institute is to teach outstanding English communication skills as well as other educational skills to non-native English speakers.  

Who We Are

Every parent's goal and hope is for their child to have a fair chance to succeed in life. They understand that given the opportunity to gain sufficient knowledge there will be ample opportunity for their child to realize his or her goals as they prepare for the future. Emerald Institute will strive to be a part of that future by providing a fair opportunity to everyone in the future. 

Our main mission is to help students learn English and other subjects by providing qualified Tutors and Mentors. We will work with in all regions of the world through our online learning platform using all the available tools of the Internet.    

Emerald Institute is a branch of the Emerald Financial which provides targeted services to improve students' education as well as tutors and mentors. We are a learning center with a wide selection of tutors and mentors from native speaking countries and non-native from Asia.    

Emerald Institute provides training facilities to help tutors, mentors and students achieve their best results. We are not an English kindergarten or brick and mortar school, but we provide the best English language tutors and mentors for online education.The Emerald Institute has a strong belief that knowledge and education are two important factors for success.

Our Goal

Our goal is to build an internet platform with professional Tutors who are Native Speakers to serve students from prekindergarten through college.